26 March 2017

3 Reasons Why You Need A Jade Roller

I'm pretty obsessed by crystals, stones and all sorts of energy promoting goodness at the moment and I've been meaning to share this cooling and soothing beauty tool with you for the longest time. I have the smallest version, which I use mainly around my eye area but will sometimes expand across all of my face and across my lymph nodes for an extra treat. 

1 - Lymphatic Drainage 
When your lymph nodes get congested it can leave you feeling pretty icky to say the least, including extreme fatigue and one thing that Jade Rollers do exceptionally well is help to eliminate toxins from your system, leaving you feeling much more perky. 

2 - Healing Properties 
Jade as a wealth of healing properties and when combined with a massaging action your skin will noticeably start to change for the better. Other benefits include less spots around the chin and jawline, plumping out wrinkles, stimulated collagen production (YES) and it also de-puffs amazingly well.

3 - A real "At Home Facial" Experience 
I always try to recreate facial routines at home, but the cooling and soothing ways of the Jade Roller really do make you feel like you're having your own spa experience. Plus, if you store in the fridge it can be used on your temples to ease headaches and hangovers, now that's a bonus! 

When using my Jade Roller under my eyes in partnership with my favourite odacite eye serum, my dark circles basically vanish within a few days, it really is that good - Have you tried this Chinese beauty sensation yet?

I purchased mine from Cult Beauty, where they are actually giving away this Jade Roller FREE with a £40 spend!

Lots of Love 

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