23 July 2017

Hair By Jones Monmouth Review

Credit: Hair By Jones
    My mum always tells me that my hair is my crown and glory and I do feel lucky to have long, thick and naturally wavy hair. However, my busy lifestyle usually means that I end up neglecting it. I don't know about you but washing and drying my own hair has gives me the fear factor, especially when it can easily take me two hours to wash, treat, dry and style. I just want to sleep when I get back from work! - A few weeks ago my sister had her hair done and it looked so lovely, so I thought I would ask where she had been as her long-term hairdresser had recently moved to London.

Hair By Jones is a family run premier salon in the thriving and absolutely stunning market town of Monmouth. The team at Hair By Jones are all highly trained experts in the hair industry and creative director; Aimee has recently made it through to the grand final of the L'Oreal Colour Trophy Awards 2017 (one of just 36 hairdressers from across the country) 
Credit: Hair By Jones
I decided spur of the moment to call Hair By Jones to see if they had any available appointments, and they did! As you will see below my hair had got too long, coarse and pretty hard to maintain, so a refresh was very much needed. I entered the Salon and was instantly greeted by friendly smiles and the lovely Jess who took me upstairs to get comfortable before meeting my stylist, who was equally as lovely! - I was brought out a lovely little wooden tray with water, nibbles and of course a few magazines, it was a really nice touch. After a short wait I was introduced to Aimee (creative director) and my stylist Natalia, we talked about my hair and discussed a few styles and also what I had in mind for colour. I don't tend to colour my hair, but I really did feel like a change, so it was great to talk to Aimee and Natalia who made sure I was completely comfortable with the plan for my hair. In the end I had a freehand balayage with a cut and finish by the lovely Natalia.
Credit: Hair By Jones 
One of my favourite parts of the day was when I was taken into the luxurious private L'Oreal colour specialist bar with Gemma Shiatsu massage sofas. I always like to have a treatment on my hair, especially when having colour and the massage chairs really made me feel like I was enjoying a spa day. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Hair By Jones and I have to say a huge thanks to Natalia for making me feel comfortable and being so lovely. I'm so happy with the way my hair looks   thanks to all the talented Hair By Jones team. 
Credit: Natalia Antypa
(L-R Before & After)

I hope you enjoyed this review lovelies, I have an updated haircare routine planned so that I can share with you a few new products that I'm using to keep my hair in much better condition. 

Lots of Love

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