26 August 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Summer Haul

Who doesn't love a Tilbury Treat? I remember when I first purchased Charlotte Tilbury back in 2015 (view haul post) I was so amazed by her talent and her stunning range of products and kits. She really is one of the most talented ladies in the beauty industry! Over the past few years I have repurchased favourites from my initial haul such as her K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks and her Goddess Skin Clay Mask, which is to die for! However, more recently I've been getting a surge of Charlotte Tilbury emails into my inbox with gorgeous new releases and quite simply I caved! 
With my holiday to Dubai just 10 days away, I decided to repurchase a few old Tilbury favourites along with some exciting new releases to take with me! Firstly, I repurchased my two absolute favourite lipsticks from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range (on the left) Bitch Perfect and (on the right) Penelope Pink. Bitch Perfect is just the most stunning lipstick, if you love pinky peachy tones then this is the ultimate shade, plus you gotta love the sassy name! - Penelope Pink is equally beautiful, but slightly more nude. It goes with every single make-up look you could imagine and it's my favourite shade for when I smoke things up on my eyes. I also love how the K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula visibly enhances and plumps your lips giving you the perfect pout all day everyday. 

Next up a NEW Charlotte Tilbury product that I'm so hyped about already The Unisex Healthy Glow Hydrating Tint - I watched a YouTube review by Wayne Goss and he absolutely loved it and I mean really loved it... So obviously it went into my online cart. However, after ordering it I saw another review which didn't show it off as well and to be honest I was a little worried that I had wasted money on a product I probably didn't need. However, I can 100% say that Wayne was right and this is genuinely the closest product to achieving an Instagram filter effect on your bare skin. It is SO stunning. It comes out in a grey tint, which has a slightly gritty texture at first and as soon as you start to blend it into your skin you can see the pigment releasing as it magically morphs to suit your skin tone. I literally have so much to say about this product, but I'm going to keep that for a full in depth review!

Last but not least we have the Limited Edition Instant Look In A Palette in Beauty Glow. I've been looking for a full on multi-use palette for quite some time now and I felt like my prayers had been answered when I came across this stunning palette on the website. I opted for the shade Beauty Glow, which features a gorgeous array of rose gold and bronze tones. There are also two other shade selections, which means that there is a good choice for different skin tones and preferences. So far I love this palette! However, I am finding the Cheek Swish a little too dark to blend with my natural skin tone and no fake tan. I can already tell I'm going to get so much use of this palette though! 

I hope you have enjoyed this haul/initial thoughts post. I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Have you indulged in a Tilbury Treat recently?

Lots of Love 

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