12 November 2017

Travel: 5 Reasons To Visit Sicily

I've been lucky to visit many beautiful places in the world, but somehow Italy has escaped me, which is strange as I pretty much love everything about Italy... of course the pasta, but I have many great Italian Friends and I'm always in awe when I see friends and family's vacation pictures. A place in particular that has always interested me is Sicily; a real jewel in the Mediterranean just off the "toe" of Italy's boot. A few of you might know that I've been trying to incorporate more travel into my blog along with guides of places I've been, but also sharing new places I would love to visit in the future. 

I've done my research and Sicily looks fascinating! With an array of cultural attractions, stunning beaches and sparkling water, what's not to love? I've also always been obsessed with mountains and it seems like Sicily has some of the best, especially its great volcanoes that symbolises the outstanding natural beauty of the charming region.

So here are my five reasons why I would like to visit Sicily in the near future 

1 - Delicious Dining
Anyone who knows me will know I'm a total foodie! I love food and lots of it (hence why my diet isn't going too well) Italian cuisine has always been my favourite, I love everything from indulgent pasta dishes to fried calamari and grilled lobster. I actually found this fantastic dining article with some great suggestions, my mouth is watering!

2 - Stunning Scenery
I've grown up to really appreciate the natural beauty of nature and how it can do the world of good for you to experience new countries, it's true travel really does make you richer! Sicily has some truly majestic mountains, especially Mount Etna, which I would love to visit. 

3 - Hotels & Villas 
With a beautiful collection of rustic hotels and picturesque villas, I definitely feel like planning a last minute holiday to Sicily! Plus these gorgeous villas have views to die for. I can imagine a gorgeous family vaction/celebration, or even a romantic getaway!

4 - The City Of Palermo
A few friends of mine have passed through the capital city of Palermo and have told me about its rich mix of cultures including, Arabesque domes, souk-like markets, Gothic palaces and many other ancient sculptures. It's definitely a city I would like to visit if I visited Sicily.

5 - Authentic Shopping
Who doesn't love a little retail therapy here are there? Shopping in Sicily looks fantastic, a range of rustic markets combined with more modern day shopping malls. I love nothing more than popping into independent shops and stopping off for copious amounts of coffee when I'm in a vibrant new city!

Sicily seems like an amazing sightseeing destination and it's combination of history, unbelievable mountain ranges, vibrant eating and drinking along with a a balmy climate make it appealing all-year-round

Have you visited Sicily, or is it a place you would like to visit in the future?

Collaboration with Mary Davis


  1. I would love to visit Sicily, in fact, I’d love to travel all of Italy as it looks and sounds so beautiful. I hope you manage to get there soon.

    Ashleigh x


  2. Very nice article. Thanks for sharing.
    Team Printo


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