30 December 2017

Midnight Skin Saviours 🌑

After all the indulgence of the festive season, wine, processo, nibbles, biscuits and a never ending supply of turkey, it's safe to say my skin is paying for it. However, it's lovely to spend time with my family and enjoy their company as I'm usually flitting around here there and everywhere. Being the skincare junkie that I am, I thought I would share three hero products that will take your skin from zero to hero in just one night, the perfect recipe for dehydrated and overindulged skin! 

Whilst this product might be a little pricey, it works hand in hand with your skins natural regenerative processes to bring you smooth, plump and glowy skin. Moonlight Catalyst is a uniquely textured serum brimming with pumpkin enzymes along with 15 natural active ingredients, this serum gently exfoliates and eliminates pore-clogging debris as you sleep. I love that it also contains peach extract and organic neroli flower, which both help to soothe the skin, but also give this serum a gentle and comforting scent. Kypris are an awesome brand and I would really recommend you checking out their other products! 

Despite this being a newbie within my skincare collection, I'm actually amazed at how immediate its have been and therefor had to mention it in this post. The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a #1 best seller and promises fresher-feeling and toned skin by the morning. The formula is paraben-free and uses Lavender Essential Oil, Primrose Oil, and Kiehl's signature ingredient squalane to replenish your skin.

A firm favourite which has been in my routine for around five years now! ANR works its magic to reduce the look of all key signs of ageing through its exclusive ChronoluxCB™Technology. I also love the way that this can be used within your foundation to add extra hydration and it can also be used in the morning, so don't let the name fool you! If you're looking for a product that is tried and tested then look no further. 

Temple Spa are in my opinion hugely underrated and along with Elemis were the first two brands that ignited my love for skincare. Temple Spa is sold in harrods and featured in the First Class Cabin on Emirates, do you need anymore convincing? Truffle Noir is a luxury anti-ageing moisturiser with black truffles, platinum and collagen boosters to provide around the clock rejuvenation. As you get older collagen and elastin naturally break down, which results in tired looking skin. Truffle Noir is the perfect antidote to unruly skin and has a gorgeous texture, which will make you feel like a million dollars. I've used this evening cream before, but was lucky to get a lovely sample as part of a gift set this Christmas. 

Which one would you choose? I love them all and litreally would like to put one on after another. My skin is normal/combination, so if you would like anymore information on any of the products please comment below!

Lots of Love


27 December 2017


Hello Lovelies!
Long time no speak, but it seems like I say this far too much lately. After treating myself to a lovely pampering bath, I thought I would take to the blog to reflect as I haven't had a good old chat on here in such a long time. There is no doubt that I still love my blog, but I struggle to blog in the same way as I used to because of how it has all changed. I champion the opportunities blogging has given people (including myself) but I miss how relatable blogging used to be, almost like your favourite cosy blanket, no pressure just a safe and comfortable place you could call your own. 

I think there is also an element of me that has changed, which is also making it increasingly harder to find my stride again. In recent years I've had to quickly adapt to out of the ordinary situations and on a day to day basis I work within a corporate sales and marketing environment, which is tough! As a result I feel that I've hardened up myself, which is of course good and bad. When I first started blogging I was really happy go lucky and a lot more naive. Now I'm far more opinionated and likely to speak out, which is good in the sense that I'm much better at sticking up for myself and not letting anyone take the you know what, but then I feel like I miss the innocence and naivety which allowed me to blog with so much positivity and love. I also worry that people who liked that person wont like the 'new' me as much, not that I'm a completely changed person... I just feel a little paranoid about my tone and how I come across on my blog these days. 

A quote that has really resonated with me this year is this one by Dita Von Teese

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”

My god, I've lost some sleep worrying about what people think of me and wondering why that person has an issue or doesn't appear to like me? I'm by no means perfect, but I'm not a bad person and I refuse to let anyone get me down in that way anymore. I genuinely think if someone has a deep rooted issue then there is sadly nothing you can do about it. 

On a more positive note I was lucky to receive the camera of my dreams from my fiance this Christmas. the beautiful new and shiny Olympus Pen EPL8, which instantly ignited my desire to finally start vlogging. I went through a stage of 'snap vlogging' which I really enjoyed and I managed to get a small audience who genuinely wanted to see more! I then started to gain some weight due to stress, which made me even more camera shy. However, I'm finally starting to get some confidence back, which I hope will build day by day and will be able to help me power through my 2018 goals. 

Due to being a total workaholic, I always have little projects on the go even when I'm not in work. I recently started Invest In Rest (DreamBoxUK) which is an exciting wellness initiative with a modern day twist, which will combine my love for beauty and skincare along with my love of wellbeing and mindfulness, so watch this space! 

I'm not quite sure what 2018 has in store in regards to my blog, but I'm looking forward to figuring it out! You might even see a few vlogs in the near future.

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