28 January 2018


Hey Beauties! Welcome to part 2 of my January #BloggersRecommend series where the lovely Roxanne, Annie, Jasmine and Kirsty share their 'Skincare Heroes' with us. Don't forget to stop by their blogs and share the love! 
Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well! My name is Roxanne and I am a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger over on thehappydiary.com! I am very excited to be featured in the January Bloggers Recommend, to talk about my hero skincare products. So without further ado, let’s get started!

The first product from my selection is the Hydrating Toner from Caudalie, which is a French skincare brand. I apply this toner right after cleansing my face, just before applying my moisturising cream (which I’ll talk about later!). I really like this toner because it makes my skin feel super soft, hydrated and soothed. It also helps to get rid of any makeup that would have resisted to the facial cleanser.

The next skincare product is the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. This is probably my favourite moisturising cream ever. I’ve been using this cream for about two years now and I couldn’t recommend it enough! The texture is quite rich so it works better with normal to dry skin. I really like this cream because it has extracts of glacial glycoproteins, which protect the skin when it’s really cold. It also has extracts of desert plants, which help with water retention, to make sure the skin is hydrated for a long time.

Another product is the Clinique Pep Start eye cream. This product works wonders! I really like applying this eye cream in the morning because it helps to depuff and brighten the under eye area. It feels refreshing and makes you look less tired. I just apply a tiny amount under each eye and then gently pat it into the skin.

The last product of my selection is the Sephora Blue Clay mask. These masks are quite new and I was really excited to try them out. I got the blue clay mask which is purifying and oxygenating, perfect to make the skin squeaky clean! It comes in a little pouch with approximately 4 uses worth of product. I really like this mask because it’s quite gentle so it works well with sensitive skin like mine.

And that’s it, I really hope you guys liked this post and my little selection of skincare products!

All the love, Roxanne

Instagram: @Happy_Roxanne Twitter: @The_Happy_Diary Bloglovin’: The Happy Diary

Since turning 30 I have been thinking more and more about my skincare routine, or lack thereof. The problem I had was where to start researching and who I could ask for advice. I was at a spa day when I got talking to one of the lovely therapists who asked me what I currently do with regards to skincare. By the look on her face when I said, “Oh, I just use face wipes” I knew that it left much to be desired. I went through a lifestyle questionnaire and she confirmed my skin needed hydration and that it would be beneficial to introduce an eye cream to my routine. I left that day with an Elemis Radiance Kit which included a lovely cleansing face wash that has left my skin feeling soft and fresh, a spritz toner which helps to wake me up in the morning, cellular recovery capsules which feel silky and smooth when applying as well as my favourite product, the pro-collagen eye renewal cream. It is so light that I can apply it just before my foundation without my face feeling greasy. 

As you may have guessed, I am not one for fuss and lengthy routines but I will admit I am enjoying my new skincare routine. My skin is softer and more hydrated after only a week using the products so I can see the benefit already (much quicker than waiting to be thin from going to the gym twice…) I would really recommend going to speak to someone in the know about your skin type, to then invest in products that are affordable and suit your routine - I am proof that even the laziest of women can make time if they see results! 

Thanks, Annie

Website: www.mymonty.me Twitter: @slates_2005 

We have been obsessed with skincare since we started earning our own money around a decade ago, though our regimes have evolved significantly from the early days of Clearasil through the Clinique 3-Step range and out the other end. Currently in a phase of wanting to try every single new release in the skincare world, balanced with a loyalty to our ride or die, here are our holy grail favourites. 

We’re the first to admit that we’re not always consistent with our routine, be that through life disruptions like travel (frequent), laziness or tiredness (very often). We know we should practice what we preach, especially as bloggers, and we know only too well the effects of slacking when it comes to caring for our skin - we look and feel terrible and make up just won’t sit right on our skin. We do however, try to a degree to compensate for this by drinking a lot of water but the current weather combined with travel and office air-con is wreaking havoc on our fragile skin.

Our skin types are basically combination, and we’re both that horrid awkward stage in between still getting pretty bad blemishes regularly, and for Kirsty, starting to get some fine lines on her forehead. With this in mind, our current go to’s for skincare are as follows: 

Bioderma Micellar Water: this is an absolute staple and it’s fair to say we get a bit panicky when stocks are running low (ie less than a litre in the cupboard) so we stock up whenever Kirsty’s in Paris because it’s only £8 for 500ml. This removes even the most stubborn of smokey eyes.

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant: this is the most gentle exfoliator we’ve have ever come across and it’s creamy and non-drying. Totally suitable for daily use, even for delicate skin.

Moisturiser: We each have one that we use for day and one for night but we both try switch them up a bit. The (Aldi!!) Lacura Icellage night cream is thick and nourishing but not too heavy for day use on a dry winter’s day, plus its ridiculously good value. Vichy Normaderm Anti-Age Resurfacing Care is just a beauty and Kirsty wouldn’t be without it as it’s the perfect prep for full coverage make up. 

Balance Active Formula Dragon’s Blood Lifting Cream is a light cream Jasmine uses on her face every morning before applying primer, it feels silky and even if it doesn’t actually do much for the skin anti-wrinkle-wise (she’s 24), it does keep skin from drying out throughout the day.

Overall, we couldn’t be without these holy grail skincare products, even on a desert island!

Thanks, Jasmine & Kirsty

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Thank you to Roxanne, Annie, Jasmine and Kirsty for taking part in this months series! If you've read this post please take the time to stop by and share the love 💕

Lots of Love

27 January 2018


Hello Beauties! Welcome to my first instalment of #BloggersRecommend. A little while back I started this initiative to support bloggers and their amazing content, but due to a lack of time and life just getting busy I let this slip along with my blog in general. I'm feeling so inspired to blog this year and I've made a pact to stop putting so much pressure on myself when it comes to blogging and its working a treat. Now that I'm feeling far better about my blog, I'm so happy to have finally brought back #BloggersRecommend. I was truly overwhelmed with the amount of interest I had from so many lovely bloggers, so much so I've got 3 parts for January alone! Without further ado I will stop my rambling and let you enjoy this months topic: Skincare Heros with two lovely bloggers Heather from www.ofbeautyandnothingness.co.uk and Laura from www.thecsigirls.co.uk Enjoy!  
As someone who suffers with exceptionally dry and very sensitive skin due to eczema, it's so difficult to find skincare products that don't irritate my skin or trigger my eczema but thankfully through my blog I've been able to find a few fantastic brands including Aurelia, Elemental Herbology and Antipodes, the latter is my ultimate favourite skincare brand. If you also suffer with sensitive skin, particularly if you have eczema as I do, then I cannot recommend the brands mentioned enough. 

However, my favourite cleanser is the Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser which contains chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and bergamot as well as Shea butter, cocoa seed butter and many other wonderful, natural ingredients. The cleanser is designed to support the skin's natural defence system using probiotics and peptides to reveal glowing, radiant and youthful skin. 

It's a lovely creamy, velvety facial cleanser that is perfect for my very dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin. It is particularly useful on makeup days as it removes makeup easily and gently but it's so effective while leaving my skin feeling comfortable, soft and fully cleansed. It doesn't irritate my skin or my eyes which is fantastic and something that very few cleansers manage to do! I've tried a few other samples from Aurelia Probiotic Skincare and I loved them too so if you are looking for a new natural, gentle and beautifully packaged cleanser, that also happens to be cruelty free, then look no further than this miracle cleanser from Aurelia Probiotic Skincare. 

Thanks, Heather

My hero skincare products are now all cruelty free, we've both worked hard the last few years to change our purchases over and I don’t regret it at all, just wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. There is no reason in this day and age to use products tested on animals, and it’s been made super easy with these brands!

My favourite skincare brand as a whole is the Body Shop. I have a lot of products from them, but my favourite range is the Drops of Youth. This was one that M made me try, and it was such a great suggestion. We are both completely obsessed with it and cannot go a day without using the Youth Concentrate. It’s a gorgeous serum and I use it morning and night, with the Youth Liquid Emulsion as an added bonus if my skin needs it. The Bouncy Face Mask is also wonderful and with all three combined my skin feels so hydrated and soft, but it never feels overloaded and greasy which is amazing considering my oily dehydrated skin. They have a new eye mask out this month which we both can’t wait to buy!

Antipodes are another brand we love and their Divine Oil is exactly that, divine. It’s filled with organic oils and solves almost all of my skincare woes overnight whether it’s spots or dry patches! It’s fabulous and is under £20 on my last purchase. It’s the first oil I tried with oily skin and I knew then how wrong I’d been about using oils. Now I haven’t looked back and try lots of face oils, but always come back to this one. 

Between these products my skin will hopefully stay clear and hydrated forever!'

Thanks, Laura - The CSI Girls

Website: www.thecsigirls.co.uk Twitter @thecsigirls Instagram @thecsigirls  Pinterest 'thecsigirls'

A huge thanks to both Heather and Laura for taking part in this months #BloggersRecommend, please make sure you stop by and check out their fabulous blogs and social media

Lots of Love


Hey Beauties! Despite only having a three day week in work it was pretty stressful at times, so I'm glad to be at home with a chance to blog. I haven't done a favourites posts in what seems like forever and I find them really fun to write. Hope you enjoy!

charlotte tilbury instant look in a palette
I purchased this on a total whim just before my vacation to Dubai. I always manage to think of reasons 'why' I need to spend money on make-up and in this case I wanted something super handy, so I didn't have to pack as much in my suitcase. At just under £50, I did have some blogger guilt when I actually received this in the post... I mean did I even need it? of course not, but I'm SO glad I did. It has become my go to palette and everything from it's sleek design to its dreamy mirror and of course the product inside makes this palette a total beauty must have. I also love that the quality of this palette is on point, as I find a lot of palettes dip in quality compared to the full size versions, does anyone else find this? Anyhoo, this is well and truly my favourite beauty product of the moment.

I've recently written a blog post about this product, but it's too good not to mention in my favourites. I love having my SPF and Moisturiser in one product, plus it leaves you with a beautiful subtle tint. 

charlotte tilbury k.i.s.s.i.n.g lipstick bitch perfect
My first and favourite lipstick from the wonderful CT. I wear this pretty much on a daily basis as its peachy/pink tone is so brightening, plus its perfecting formula is amazing for making your lips look fuller!

lancome monsieur big mascara
I've never really liked wearing mascara and will quite often buy false lashes and cut them in half just to add some definition to my lashes, but the Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara is the perfect way to get that coveted false lash look without clumping, plus it has a really long lasting formula.

lancome l'absolu lip gloss tose caresse
When I first opened the packaging for this gloss it was love at first sight! It layers so nicely over my favourite CT Bitch Perfect lipstick, but it has enough pigmentation to wear alone. The formulation and application is truly effortless and I love wearing this when I want to add some extra sass to my look.

rimmel #insta conceal and correct
I'm so obsessed with this dinky little palette! More recently I've been experiencing patches of redness and this palette fixes it every single time. I've tried a lot of correcting products that have either been chalky or just haven't worked, but this one is fantastic. I get a lot of use from the Green and Peachy shade, but the Purple is great for adding brightness to your skin too

What are your favourites for January?

Lots of Love

23 January 2018


I will start off by telling you how much I LOVE Origins! Their skincare has always worked for me and so far I've never had a bad experience with any of their products. In the past 18 months I haven't had quite as much Origins in my skincare routine, why oh why I ask myself! Recently, my skin has become more troubled than usual, so I decided it was about time I reintroduced Origins to get this mess sorted out. You all know by now that I'm skincare obsessed and one of the key ways to keep your skin in tip top condition is to simply use SPF, the one thing I don't really use, typical! I've fallen in love with this new tinted moisturiser and I can't wait to tell you why.  

origins ginzing energy-boosting tinted moisturiser
Calling all caffine lovers 💬 If you're like me and love your coffee, then you'll be happy to know it's the key active ingredient in this tinted moisturiser. Recommended for dry, normal and oily skin this product is probably the most effective way to keep your skin hydrated, energised and protected. Coffee Beans and Panax Ginseng give your skin a boost of moisture and zing, whilst an impressive SPF40 protects your skin from harmful UV rays. 

I've had this product for a little while and after my recent vacation to Dubai, I wasn't quite sure how to fit this into my routine despite really liking it. I've always had this thing in my head that SPF doesn't work with make-up, but actually I think that's just something I've made up in my head!? Plus wearing SPF is 10x more important in the long run than wearing foundation anyway.

The Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturiser (£30) has replaced my current Clinique moisturiser and I love how I get moisture, SPF and a subtle tint all in one product. It makes getting out on time in the morning easier, plus you're left with a lovely youthful glow that doesn't interfere with your make-up. I love this stuff.

Lots of Love

21 January 2018


Hey Beauties! I've always been better at giving advice than taking it and Sunday is the perfect day to reflect. I hope this post will help you and give you a few ideas to help inspire happiness.  

1 - strive for progress not perfection
Do you ever get that feeling of sheer determination when something goes your way, but then the next day reality sets in and your end goal seems suddenly distant again? Focusing on perfection may seem good at the time, but in the long run it can lead to self-criticism as well as making your motivation levels inconsistent. On the other hand focusing on progress gives you more reasons to celebrate and helps to encourage a healthier mindset of learning, not the dread of failure. 

2 - try scent therapy 
Your sense of smell can play a huge part in your overall mood, so if you're feeling a little glum why not use scent therapy to crease a sense of calm. Lavender is amazing for relaxation, Vanilla is great for creating a sense of comfort and minty/citrus scents help you to feel good! 

3 - a good deed a day
Helping others is so rewarding and showing compassion doesn't just help others; it helps you too! A total win:win situation. Doing a good deed which could be a small thing can help to reduce stress and negative feelings. Why not comment on your favourite blog, or take the time to message an old friend?

4 - seek adventure
Everything is so techy these days, even something as relaxing as a spa day has a digital element to it now. You need to get that Instagram story, or you need to send pictures to a friend (the list is endless) An outdoor adventure of any kind is a great way to boost your state of mind, plus it really does disconnect you from the hectic buzz of day to day life. 

5 - get organised 
Writing a to-do list can have more benefits than you realise! Not only will it calm anxiety, it will make you feel more prepared and able to tackle what's ahead of you. 

6 - sing until your heart is content
Create a positive playlist full of your favourite songs. Sing them in the shower, listen to them at the gym or blast them in your car... It's a sure way to boost your happiness. 

7 - go on a date
Try that new restaurant with your friend that everyone has been raving about or make a plan to go the cinema. Whatever you fancy doing, just do it! There are so many distractions we all face on a day to day basis and there will always be distractions, so don't let them take over your happiness... 

8 - eat energising food
Start from the inside. We all know how good Avocado is for you, but if you're not a fan why not head over to Pinterest for some foodie inspiration. Whether you want to make delicious brunch or try your hand at making a power smoothie, eating/drinking energising food has endless advantages.

just remember... you got this! 

Lots of Love

18 January 2018


Hey Beauties! Do you ever feel like you've written a post but after searching you find out you haven't? weird! 2017 was the year I really got into BECCA as a brand and now I feature two to three of their products in my daily routine.

(Medium - Light)

Dark circles scare me, like literally! I can deal with blemishes and uneven skin tone, but when it comes to dark circles they make me feel tired even if I'm actually feeling alright. I like to try and neutralise them the best I can and it can be a bit of a task, especially when I'm a pretty bad sleeper. After watching a few YouTuber's rave about this product I decided to give into the hype and try it out for myself.

Initially you are met with the most gorgeous dinky rose gold pot, which has a fair bit of weight to it and feels just as luxurious as its price tag! When I first opened this product I was expecting it to be more peachy, but actually it's more pink-toned. I thought I'd have an issue with that, but actually I don't. It has a pretty thick texture, but with the warmth of your hand it soon blends out to a buttery soft cream. It helps to camouflage the blue hue of dark circles and broken capillaries that create the unsightly darkness we all detest. 

I tend to use this about two times a week on average and those days tend to be the ones where I've got more planned and want more of a flawless full coverage look. As I mentioned it is on the thicker side, some might even think it's sticky(ish) on initial contact, but handled right this under-eye corrector can help you to fake awake in minutes. I'm also impressed with the fact it doesn't move or crease, as initially I thought it might be cakey, but it's not and I really do enjoy using this resistant corrector on those days I need some extra help.  
Overall, I really like the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector! However, if you're into quick fixes this might not be for you, as it does need a little attention to get the best results. It's also on the pricey side at £24.00, but if you're all for flawless Kimmy K looks then this would be the perfect addition to your highlighting collection!

Lots of Love


17 January 2018


Hey Beauties 💕 I'm back with an initial thoughts post and I love writing these, as usually it means I'm so excited about a product I can't wait to write a full review. Do you ever try a new product and it's just love at first use? I've seriously considered turning this into a skincare blog as I can't get enough. In 2018 I want to become more savvy with my skincare and pay more attention to the ingredients and not just the beautiful sales and marketing that comes with a lot of skincare these days. I know that retinol and SPF is pretty much all you need to keep your skin in good condition, but the blogger in me just couldn't help picking up this pretty cleansing oil at Bicester Village. 

origins modern friction cleansing oil | £25.00
Described an a gentle dual phase cleanser that transforms from a silky, luxurious oil to a creamy milk, the Origins Modern Friction Cleansing Oil helps to illuminate the skin whilst melting away makeup, dirt and more. White and Purple Rice are the magic ingredients and when I say magic I really mean it! I've only been using this cleanser five days and I've already seen an impressive difference in my currently temperamental skin. 

I used to use the Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil, which is also beautiful. However, I feel like the Modern Friction version is so brightening and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple, which may be down to the fact it is so rich in antioxidants and skin loving ingredients. It's also a great product for all skin types (even oily) plus it smells like watermelon, and I love watermelon. It is also formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates and of course that's a bonus! 

Even though this is an initial thoughts post I'm well and truly smitten with this cleanser. I'm still working out how best to use it. However, it's probably the best product I've used in a long time to remove make-up, plus it's skin brightening a nourishing properties have wowed me from the get go. I will be sure to update you if my opinions change! 

Have you tried this product or a similar cleansing oil recently?

Lots of Love 

14 January 2018


Hello Beauties. Hope you've had a lovely weekend. I haven't written a post like this in a little while, but I love writing helpful posts for you all, so hopefully this post will inspire you to keep creating content in 2018. It's no secret that the Blogosphere has become a bit of a giant and sometimes it's easy to get bogged down. However, I'm making it my blogging goal in 2018 to not only keep myself motivated, but also help my readers along the way. 

1. share a story
Storytime blog posts and videos have become hugely popular, especially throughout 2017. Everyone has a story to tell and you never know who your story might help!

2. picture post
It's true that a picture can say a thousand words. Try a post with just your favourite pictures, no words required.

3. playlist shuffle
Put on your Spotify playlist or equivalent and shuffle five times. Write down each song in your blog post and explain what it means to you, this could get funny! 

4. your blogging routine
Routine posts are so engaging and will no doubt give your readers some useful tips and tricks!

5. monthly mood board
Get inspired and share your dreams, motivation and plans with a monthly mood board, which can easily be made using canva.

6. what you do on a rainy day
If you live in the UK then you know all about rainy days. Share your rainy day routine, whether it's cosying up by the fire or binge watching your favourite Netflix series. 

7. tips & tricks
These types of posts will never get old. They can be informative, informal and really interesting to read.

8. blog tours
For the inquisitive amongst us, why not create a pictorial tour of your beauty room, make-up storage or bathroom set up? If you're into fitness, why not show us around your gym and your favourite machines to work out on. The opportunities are endless.  

9. recipes
If you're like me then you LOVE food, but when it comes to the zillion ingredients it kinda puts you off. Simple Recipes and cookery tips will go down a storm for those looking to up their kitchen skills. If you write any, please do let me know ;)

10. start an initiative
Do you have a passion for positivity, why not start your own initiative and write about it on your blog? It could be something as simple as creating your own hashtag to engage with like minded people or starting a new blog or website about a more niche topic you love! 

11. checklists
Whether you're writing a checklist for your next shopping spree, or perhaps preparing for a vacation. Share your checklist on your blog and inspire your readers to feel organised with you. 

12. behind the scenes/day in a life
One of my most popular posts was my Day in the life of a Marketing Campaigns Officer. Readers love to know what goes on behind the scenes and these kind of posts are highly engaging for your audience. 

13. challenges
This week I'm starting group personal training with my work friends and I will be documenting it weekly on my blog. Do you have any short/long term challenges you could write about too?

14. problems and solutions
Please don't tell me I'm the only one that asks google every single question that comes into my mind?If you have figured out a solution to a problem then share it on your blog. You might be surprised how many people were thinking the same too or were hoping to find an answer!

15. cheat sheets
Know an easy peasy way to edit your blog photo's or are you a pro when it comes to achieving great photography using your iphone? Cheat Sheets are useful and fun to create, plus your readers will be forever grateful for your resources. 

16. self care
Self care has become a huge topic in the blogosphere and for good reason too. We often disregard our own self care, so if you have any handy advice on how to install some inner calm why not share it on your blog. You could even start a series! 

17. industry specific
What industry do you work in? It's likely that your valuable advice could help someone looking to start or enhance their career. 

18. weekly gratitude
Each day write down something you are grateful for and share it on your blog at the end of the week. There's always room for #PositiveVibes on your blog!

Have a great week!

Lots of Love

11 January 2018


I posted a little while when I was initially introduced to the Vichy Dermablend range. I'd always been interested though as one of my favourite bloggers Em from EmTalks is a huge fan! I wear the Dermablend foundation about 2-3 times a week and I love how flawless the coverage is, yet I don't feel or look like a total cake face, always a major bonus when wearing a fuller coverage foundation. More recently, I was introduced to the Vichy Dermablend SOS Cover Stick and wanted to let you know my initial thoughts.

vichy dermablend sos cover stick | £15.00
I live for concealer. My pretty rubbish sleeping pattern doesn't always leave me looking or feeling the freshest in the morning. It's safe to say I'm not a morning person, so naturally concealer is a pretty important part of my beauty routine. I like solid coverage but again without a cakey or crepey feeling to it, which is sometimes pretty hard to find. Firstly, I really like the slick packaging of the SOS stick and it gives you that super satisfying click that only a beauty lover would appreciate. 

The SOS Cover Stick is designed to provide up to 16 hours of full coverage with an impressive SPF 25. It conceals minor to severe skin concerns such as dark circles, acne, redness and an uneven skin tone. The formula contains soothing allatonin, mineral pigments, beeswax and carnauba wax to give a spreadable, waterproof and effortless texture. There are five shades, I currently wear 25 which is lighter than the foundation I wear, which makes this my go to for under-eye concealing. I also like to use it to concealer redness and blemishes when I'm not tanned. I think I definitely need to get this in shade 35 to match my Vichy foundation shade!

Overall, I think this is a truly great concealer. It literally does what it says on the tin and doesn't seem to budge during my 8-10 hour day at work. It's also a super handy size to pop in your handbag for any last minute touch ups. Plus, it's super smooth and silky texture means that you can quickly blend it out without having to worry about blending with a brush or sponge.
Have you tried anything from the Vichy range? I would really recommend checking them out if you're looking for fuller coverage products that don't leave you feeling dry or cakey. 

Lots of Love 

9 January 2018


 I've wanted to try Banana Powder since it became the next big thing and a firm beauty favourite of Kim Kardashian and her amazing make-up artist Mario. For some reason I never gave into the hype, even though there were numerous occasions when the Ben Nye version was in my online basket. On a shopping trip with my mum and dad a little while back, I stumbled across the Makeup Revolution Bannana Powder and decided to give it a go!

makeup revolution bannana powder | £5.00
There are so many amazing Makeup Revolution products and I feel that they're a brand I haven't tried out enough. I know their lipsticks are really good along with their dreamy palettes, so I was excited to see if this product would live up to the hype. Personally, I love anything that corrects any type of redness/darkness! Whether it be a correcting concealer or a powder generally I will give it a go. I never used to have redness, but as I've got a bit older I have noticed some redness on my cheeks and forehead. 

So what is Banana powder? It is a multitasking yellow-toned powder that is designed to set concealer, neutralise darkness and correct redness. When I first tried this powder I was instantly wowed by how fine and silky it was. I was also really impressed by how quickly it meshed with my foundation and settled without looking cakey or powdery in the slightest. I like to use this powder on top of the areas I highlight as it exaggerates the highlight whilst keeping it matte and not shiny looking. I've also noticed that it does help to keep my make-up on throughout the day, which of course is a bonus! Overall, for just £5.00 I think this is a really fantastic product and one that will fit perfectly into any beauty lovers collection.

Lots of Love

7 January 2018


Most people experience a sense of anxiety at some point in their life and it could literally be triggered by anything. It can be frustrating, confusing and frightening at times, especially if you aren't equipped to deal with it when it bares its ugly head. I'm by no means a professional, but I wanted to share a few useful tips that help me bounce back when I'm feeling a little worse for wear. 

slow down 
One thing that anxiety does very well is speeds everything up... like lightening fast. Everything from racing thoughts, a pounding heart and rapid breathing, which obviously isn't good for your health and decision making. Soon as you start to feel that rush, try and move a little slower and see if there's anything else that you can do intentionally slower. I like to make a cup of peppermint tea, but instead of rushing I try to be more mindful of the process. Everything from filling the kettle to boiling it and finally brewing the tea. 

reality check
I remember when I was practising driving (many years ago) I used to panic about tricky junctions that were about a mile to two miles away from where I was. However, I was in the company of a fantastic driving instructor who obviously wouldn't let us come to any harm, so really it wasn't as scary as my mind was trying to make it. Anxiety often stems from fear of events that haven't taken place and mixed with the power and creativity of our minds it can cause you to feel extremely fearful. Just ask yourself is it just fear or a fact?

lie down and look up
As much as I like meditation and the benefits associated with it, sometimes you can feel too jumpy to even meditate. For someone who isn't familiar with meditation, simply lying down and looking up can do the world of good in easing how you're feeling. If you can't do this outside just find a place where you feel naturally comfortable. 

create a routine 
Creating any type of routine depending on what you like to do can be hugely beneficial in stopping anxious thoughts in their tracks. Anyone who knows me well will know that my skincare routine is a huge part of my life. Obviously I want good skin, but the routine for me is such a great way to interrupt anxious thoughts. Soon as I start to feel a little peculiar I will head to my dressing table and either do my skincare (if it's the right time) or perhaps just sort through my collection and swap and change a few products. 

know your triggers 
Sometimes we don't have the luxury of warning signs, but if you start to notice any type of trigger try and prepare practises to put you in a better place for when the feeling arises. When you feel more prepared, your mind is naturally more at ease.

Finally, I adore the quote "When it rains looks for rainbows, when it's dark look for stars" - It really reminds me to look for the good even when it doesn't feel like you can. Also thanks to my sister for getting me this lovely notebook for Christmas 😘

I hope these tips are helpful and I'm always here if you fancy a chat!

Lots of Love 

6 January 2018


 If you're a long time reader of this blog you'll know I'm a total skincare junkie and if you're a new reader... you will have probably guessed by my past three posts! - Skincare brings me so much joy and most of all it really eases any signs of anxiety, so I'm all for slathering my skin with goodness. I just need to cut out the junk food/drink side of things and I'll be good! 

I have wanted to try ESPA for the longest time, so when I was at the ATLANTIS last September I had to treat myself to a total ESPA experience. I opted for a luxury 2hr treatment that consisted of a heavenly scrub and massage followed by a targeted facial. My lovely therapist talked me through the condition of my skin and mentioned that even though overall it was good, I was infact pretty dehydrated. Once the treatment was complete we went over my consultation form and she mentioned that this paticular product was the saviour and she noticed an instant improvement in my skin after using this polish. Of course, I wanted it! So in a whirlwind of excitement as I just love spas! I ended up purchasing this and another product too. I've been using this polish twice a week since September and thought it was about time I updated the blog with my thoughts! 

espa refining skin polish | £30.00
I have to admit I'm not usually a huge fan of manual exfoliation, especially fine gritty types. However, I'm open-minded and have really come to enjoy using this skin polish the past few months. The ESPA Refining Skin Polish is a deeply cleansing, super-fine exfoliator designed to refine, smooth and boost radiance. Spherical Diatomaceous Earth exfoliates and clears pores, whilst Rose Damascena and Shea Butter soften the skin to reveal a smooth, plump and radiant complexion. 

I use this product twice a week as my main exfoliation and the smallest amount really does go the longest way. My skin is left feeling clear and supprisingly calm considering this is a fine exfoliator! In general I'm not a huge fan of exfoliating so the fact I have kept this in my rotuine since September really is something for me! It also has a lovely spa scent and reminds me of the beautiful treatment I had at the ATLANTIS each and every time I use it. My therapist also mentioned that this polish is suitable for all skin types, especially dry, dull and congested skin. ESPA also recommend to use this product 1-2 times a week for normal/dry skin, and once a week for oily skin
I really enjoy using this polish each week and notice the difference in my skin straight away. It is pretty fine, so if you're like me and not a huge fan of scrubby products then see if you can get your hands on a sample first. I don't think you would be dissapointed though, as this product not only does an amazing job it also gives you an in-spa experience from the comfort of your own home. 

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3 January 2018


If you're a big kid at heart like me then you will no doubt love these LUSH Jelly Masks that I'm going to be talking about today. They give me serious play dough vibes and they're a little messy, but lots of fun at the same time. I've used the fresh masks from LUSH before but have never really found one I can't live without, so I was interested to stumble across the Jelly Masks! As you can see I've already had plenty of use out of these and actually purchased Bunny Moon first and went back for FOMO. I hope you enjoy this review and I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. 
are you ready for this Jelly?
These new face masks are formulated with Seaweed, know for its calming and hydrating properties. Seaweed is used within a lot of LUSH products, but they decided it was time for this super ingredient to take centre stage in the form of five wibbly-wobbly masks. Each mask is loaded with a high concentration of natural ingredients, plus they're far more self-preserving than a lot of other LUSH products which means they have a much healthier shelf life! All you need to do is simply scoop a piece into dry palms and mix away until your jelly turns into a creamy paste, leave on for up to 10 minutes and wash off to reveal wonderful skin. PS - Don't use these masks with wet hands! 
I was introduced to Bunny Moon in store and it was the first Jelly Mask I purchased. I love the combination of Honey, Chamomile and Marigold, which all help to soothe and balance the skin. Honey is also antiseptic, which helps you to achieve a beautifully moisturised and clear complexion. There's also a hint of vanilla and benzoin resioid, which gives this mask a really comforting feel to it.

After falling in love with Bunny Moon I headed back to my local LUSH store to see what other Jelly Mask might be suitable for my skin. I was recommended FOMO, a mixture of calamine powder, rose absolute and a touch of bright neroli. Anyone who knows me knows I flippin' love Neroli!! - This mask has a beautifully uplifting and floral scent, which makes using this mask an absolute joy. It also leaves my skin tone super even and bright. 

Both of these masks are totally worth purchasing in my opinion (£6.95 each). They're similar in what they do, but I would say Bunny Moon is my favourite for calming down irritable/spotty skin and FOMO is my go to when I want a bit of everything... bright, moisturised, toned... you name it! - I also love how fun these masks are, yes they are a bit messy, but the jelly texture is just everything. All you need is a small pinch and after a few minutes of working into your hands you're left with a lush gooey paste! 

Have you tried a LUSH Jelly Mask? If so let me know your favourite below.

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1 January 2018

Initial Thoughts | Kiehl's

After dropping several hints to Daniel last year about how much I'd love to try some Kiehl's skincare it became apparent Christmas Day that he had not listened to a thing I had said... again! Of course not meaning to be ungrateful, as I was treated to lots of other lovely goodies. I usually buy stuff for myself if I want it that much, but throughout 2017 I for some reason still didn't purchase anything from Kiehl's. After walking through various department stores this year, I think he finally got the hint and on Christmas Day under my tree in my bedroom was a gorgeous Kiehl's gift set. I've been pretty much obsessed with every single product since unwrapping it, so I thought I would go ahead and write an initial thoughts post. I've also been thinking should I turn this blog into a skincare blog, as it's the only thing I ramble on about these days?!
Ultra Facial Cleanser 
I haven't used a foaming cleanser in about three years, as they've never really fitted into my routine. I also don't like that a lot of them are quite stripping on the skin, so I was interested to see how I would get along with this one. When I first tried it I wasn't really sure what to expect, initially it's like a thick gel texture which then produces a dense foaming lather once mixed with water. It's described as a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser that is formulated for all skin types and will not over-dry or strip the skin. Not knowing where or how I would fit this between my beloved Elemis and Oskia cleansers, I've actually replaced them both for the time being. I really like this in the morning as it effectively gets rid of any overnight dirt and oiliness, but it's also amazing for taking off makeup. It seems to whip up all my foundation and concealer within it's lather and you're left with a genuinely squeaky clean face. I think it might even take make-up off better than my balm cleansers, but I'm still in trial mode, so I will keep you updated.
Daily Reviving Concentrate
I was excited to try this product, as I love jamming as much into my skincare routine as possible! I find skincare so relaxing and the Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate has been the perfect antidote to tired looking skin. It's designed to fit in between your serum and moisturiser, but I have just been using this as a daily serum. It's enriched with Ginger Root, Sunflower Oil and Tamanu Oil, which all help yo boost radiance and improve dullness and texture. My favourite thing about this product is how lightweight and absorbent it is, I genuinely can't get over how quickly my skin drinks this stuff up, plus a little goes a long way. I'm absolutely loving it and can see myself purchasing the full size version when I run out. 
Ultra Facial Moisturiser
When it comes to moisturisers I'm pretty unfaithful. I do like my Clinique Moisture Surge as a safe option, but I feel like I'm still yet to find the one, so I tend to hop from one to another. The Ultra Facial Moisturiser is really nice and I like that it doesn't have an overpowering scent, it also seems to be a really good base product for makeup. I've been using it daily and my skin hasn't had a single dry patch, which is a good sign as I work in an air-conditioned environment and also live in an area exposed to the elements (I'm talking to you wind), so my skin is pretty much up against it at all times. 
Midnight Recovery Concentrate 
Last but definitely not least we have the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which for me is the star of the show. I've used Estee Lauder ANR for the longest time and after using this product every night since getting it, I've been amazed by its instant results. Lavender oil and primrose oil boost your texture, tone and radiance along with Squalane and Omega-6 Fatty Acids making this a formula brimming with skin-loving ingredients. By morning my skin looks fresher, younger and settled and I really couldn't ask for anything more than that!

Overall, I'm loving everything from my introductory set and I haven't experienced any breakouts or discomfort whilst using the products. I'm a huge fan of the two serums and think that the Midnight Recovery is totally worth the hype!

Lots of Love 
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