21 January 2018


Hey Beauties! I've always been better at giving advice than taking it and Sunday is the perfect day to reflect. I hope this post will help you and give you a few ideas to help inspire happiness.  

1 - strive for progress not perfection
Do you ever get that feeling of sheer determination when something goes your way, but then the next day reality sets in and your end goal seems suddenly distant again? Focusing on perfection may seem good at the time, but in the long run it can lead to self-criticism as well as making your motivation levels inconsistent. On the other hand focusing on progress gives you more reasons to celebrate and helps to encourage a healthier mindset of learning, not the dread of failure. 

2 - try scent therapy 
Your sense of smell can play a huge part in your overall mood, so if you're feeling a little glum why not use scent therapy to crease a sense of calm. Lavender is amazing for relaxation, Vanilla is great for creating a sense of comfort and minty/citrus scents help you to feel good! 

3 - a good deed a day
Helping others is so rewarding and showing compassion doesn't just help others; it helps you too! A total win:win situation. Doing a good deed which could be a small thing can help to reduce stress and negative feelings. Why not comment on your favourite blog, or take the time to message an old friend?

4 - seek adventure
Everything is so techy these days, even something as relaxing as a spa day has a digital element to it now. You need to get that Instagram story, or you need to send pictures to a friend (the list is endless) An outdoor adventure of any kind is a great way to boost your state of mind, plus it really does disconnect you from the hectic buzz of day to day life. 

5 - get organised 
Writing a to-do list can have more benefits than you realise! Not only will it calm anxiety, it will make you feel more prepared and able to tackle what's ahead of you. 

6 - sing until your heart is content
Create a positive playlist full of your favourite songs. Sing them in the shower, listen to them at the gym or blast them in your car... It's a sure way to boost your happiness. 

7 - go on a date
Try that new restaurant with your friend that everyone has been raving about or make a plan to go the cinema. Whatever you fancy doing, just do it! There are so many distractions we all face on a day to day basis and there will always be distractions, so don't let them take over your happiness... 

8 - eat energising food
Start from the inside. We all know how good Avocado is for you, but if you're not a fan why not head over to Pinterest for some foodie inspiration. Whether you want to make delicious brunch or try your hand at making a power smoothie, eating/drinking energising food has endless advantages.

just remember... you got this! 

Lots of Love

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