6 January 2018


 If you're a long time reader of this blog you'll know I'm a total skincare junkie and if you're a new reader... you will have probably guessed by my past three posts! - Skincare brings me so much joy and most of all it really eases any signs of anxiety, so I'm all for slathering my skin with goodness. I just need to cut out the junk food/drink side of things and I'll be good! 

I have wanted to try ESPA for the longest time, so when I was at the ATLANTIS last September I had to treat myself to a total ESPA experience. I opted for a luxury 2hr treatment that consisted of a heavenly scrub and massage followed by a targeted facial. My lovely therapist talked me through the condition of my skin and mentioned that even though overall it was good, I was infact pretty dehydrated. Once the treatment was complete we went over my consultation form and she mentioned that this paticular product was the saviour and she noticed an instant improvement in my skin after using this polish. Of course, I wanted it! So in a whirlwind of excitement as I just love spas! I ended up purchasing this and another product too. I've been using this polish twice a week since September and thought it was about time I updated the blog with my thoughts! 

espa refining skin polish | £30.00
I have to admit I'm not usually a huge fan of manual exfoliation, especially fine gritty types. However, I'm open-minded and have really come to enjoy using this skin polish the past few months. The ESPA Refining Skin Polish is a deeply cleansing, super-fine exfoliator designed to refine, smooth and boost radiance. Spherical Diatomaceous Earth exfoliates and clears pores, whilst Rose Damascena and Shea Butter soften the skin to reveal a smooth, plump and radiant complexion. 

I use this product twice a week as my main exfoliation and the smallest amount really does go the longest way. My skin is left feeling clear and supprisingly calm considering this is a fine exfoliator! In general I'm not a huge fan of exfoliating so the fact I have kept this in my rotuine since September really is something for me! It also has a lovely spa scent and reminds me of the beautiful treatment I had at the ATLANTIS each and every time I use it. My therapist also mentioned that this polish is suitable for all skin types, especially dry, dull and congested skin. ESPA also recommend to use this product 1-2 times a week for normal/dry skin, and once a week for oily skin
I really enjoy using this polish each week and notice the difference in my skin straight away. It is pretty fine, so if you're like me and not a huge fan of scrubby products then see if you can get your hands on a sample first. I don't think you would be dissapointed though, as this product not only does an amazing job it also gives you an in-spa experience from the comfort of your own home. 

Lots of Love 

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