17 January 2018


Hey Beauties 💕 I'm back with an initial thoughts post and I love writing these, as usually it means I'm so excited about a product I can't wait to write a full review. Do you ever try a new product and it's just love at first use? I've seriously considered turning this into a skincare blog as I can't get enough. In 2018 I want to become more savvy with my skincare and pay more attention to the ingredients and not just the beautiful sales and marketing that comes with a lot of skincare these days. I know that retinol and SPF is pretty much all you need to keep your skin in good condition, but the blogger in me just couldn't help picking up this pretty cleansing oil at Bicester Village. 

origins modern friction cleansing oil | £25.00
Described an a gentle dual phase cleanser that transforms from a silky, luxurious oil to a creamy milk, the Origins Modern Friction Cleansing Oil helps to illuminate the skin whilst melting away makeup, dirt and more. White and Purple Rice are the magic ingredients and when I say magic I really mean it! I've only been using this cleanser five days and I've already seen an impressive difference in my currently temperamental skin. 

I used to use the Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil, which is also beautiful. However, I feel like the Modern Friction version is so brightening and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple, which may be down to the fact it is so rich in antioxidants and skin loving ingredients. It's also a great product for all skin types (even oily) plus it smells like watermelon, and I love watermelon. It is also formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates and of course that's a bonus! 

Even though this is an initial thoughts post I'm well and truly smitten with this cleanser. I'm still working out how best to use it. However, it's probably the best product I've used in a long time to remove make-up, plus it's skin brightening a nourishing properties have wowed me from the get go. I will be sure to update you if my opinions change! 

Have you tried this product or a similar cleansing oil recently?

Lots of Love 


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  2. Hi, I have mix-dry skin. And I looking for a good moisturizer product. I have never found a good one,because or They are too oily or They have a bit moisture.Do you recommend me,Origins Make difference plus or Clinique thirsty relief??



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