27 January 2018


Hello Beauties! Welcome to my first instalment of #BloggersRecommend. A little while back I started this initiative to support bloggers and their amazing content, but due to a lack of time and life just getting busy I let this slip along with my blog in general. I'm feeling so inspired to blog this year and I've made a pact to stop putting so much pressure on myself when it comes to blogging and its working a treat. Now that I'm feeling far better about my blog, I'm so happy to have finally brought back #BloggersRecommend. I was truly overwhelmed with the amount of interest I had from so many lovely bloggers, so much so I've got 3 parts for January alone! Without further ado I will stop my rambling and let you enjoy this months topic: Skincare Heros with two lovely bloggers Heather from www.ofbeautyandnothingness.co.uk and Laura from www.thecsigirls.co.uk Enjoy!  
As someone who suffers with exceptionally dry and very sensitive skin due to eczema, it's so difficult to find skincare products that don't irritate my skin or trigger my eczema but thankfully through my blog I've been able to find a few fantastic brands including Aurelia, Elemental Herbology and Antipodes, the latter is my ultimate favourite skincare brand. If you also suffer with sensitive skin, particularly if you have eczema as I do, then I cannot recommend the brands mentioned enough. 

However, my favourite cleanser is the Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser which contains chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and bergamot as well as Shea butter, cocoa seed butter and many other wonderful, natural ingredients. The cleanser is designed to support the skin's natural defence system using probiotics and peptides to reveal glowing, radiant and youthful skin. 

It's a lovely creamy, velvety facial cleanser that is perfect for my very dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin. It is particularly useful on makeup days as it removes makeup easily and gently but it's so effective while leaving my skin feeling comfortable, soft and fully cleansed. It doesn't irritate my skin or my eyes which is fantastic and something that very few cleansers manage to do! I've tried a few other samples from Aurelia Probiotic Skincare and I loved them too so if you are looking for a new natural, gentle and beautifully packaged cleanser, that also happens to be cruelty free, then look no further than this miracle cleanser from Aurelia Probiotic Skincare. 

Thanks, Heather

My hero skincare products are now all cruelty free, we've both worked hard the last few years to change our purchases over and I don’t regret it at all, just wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. There is no reason in this day and age to use products tested on animals, and it’s been made super easy with these brands!

My favourite skincare brand as a whole is the Body Shop. I have a lot of products from them, but my favourite range is the Drops of Youth. This was one that M made me try, and it was such a great suggestion. We are both completely obsessed with it and cannot go a day without using the Youth Concentrate. It’s a gorgeous serum and I use it morning and night, with the Youth Liquid Emulsion as an added bonus if my skin needs it. The Bouncy Face Mask is also wonderful and with all three combined my skin feels so hydrated and soft, but it never feels overloaded and greasy which is amazing considering my oily dehydrated skin. They have a new eye mask out this month which we both can’t wait to buy!

Antipodes are another brand we love and their Divine Oil is exactly that, divine. It’s filled with organic oils and solves almost all of my skincare woes overnight whether it’s spots or dry patches! It’s fabulous and is under £20 on my last purchase. It’s the first oil I tried with oily skin and I knew then how wrong I’d been about using oils. Now I haven’t looked back and try lots of face oils, but always come back to this one. 

Between these products my skin will hopefully stay clear and hydrated forever!'

Thanks, Laura - The CSI Girls

Website: www.thecsigirls.co.uk Twitter @thecsigirls Instagram @thecsigirls  Pinterest 'thecsigirls'

A huge thanks to both Heather and Laura for taking part in this months #BloggersRecommend, please make sure you stop by and check out their fabulous blogs and social media

Lots of Love

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