9 January 2018


 I've wanted to try Banana Powder since it became the next big thing and a firm beauty favourite of Kim Kardashian and her amazing make-up artist Mario. For some reason I never gave into the hype, even though there were numerous occasions when the Ben Nye version was in my online basket. On a shopping trip with my mum and dad a little while back, I stumbled across the Makeup Revolution Bannana Powder and decided to give it a go!

makeup revolution bannana powder | £5.00
There are so many amazing Makeup Revolution products and I feel that they're a brand I haven't tried out enough. I know their lipsticks are really good along with their dreamy palettes, so I was excited to see if this product would live up to the hype. Personally, I love anything that corrects any type of redness/darkness! Whether it be a correcting concealer or a powder generally I will give it a go. I never used to have redness, but as I've got a bit older I have noticed some redness on my cheeks and forehead. 

So what is Banana powder? It is a multitasking yellow-toned powder that is designed to set concealer, neutralise darkness and correct redness. When I first tried this powder I was instantly wowed by how fine and silky it was. I was also really impressed by how quickly it meshed with my foundation and settled without looking cakey or powdery in the slightest. I like to use this powder on top of the areas I highlight as it exaggerates the highlight whilst keeping it matte and not shiny looking. I've also noticed that it does help to keep my make-up on throughout the day, which of course is a bonus! Overall, for just £5.00 I think this is a really fantastic product and one that will fit perfectly into any beauty lovers collection.

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