3 February 2018


 I am actually obsessed with candles and I'm all for that Hygge life. Some of my favourite candles come from Neom Organics, White Company and Lily Flame, but more recently I have been making trips to HomeSense and treating myself to multiples candle's for a fraction of the price. I do burn candles like there is no tomorrow, so paying £30 and more for candle's can get pretty pricey, especially when I'm in the process of house hunting. I tend to reserve my more expensive candles for times where I know I'm actually going to be in that room. I've come across some stunning candles in Homesense recently, but my current favourite is this delightful candle from a brand called LAB!

lab rose ganache + Vanilla scented candle
Who doesn't love a pretty candle, especially when it has such a sweet and unique scent. I was really drawn to this candle before I even smelt it and loved how girly it looked, a bloggers dream. I'm a huge fan of rose and vanilla so really it was always going to be a match made in heaven! I've never heard of LAB candles before and I haven't had much fun locating them online either, so I'm praying they're a regular in HomeSense. 

The scent reminds me of the impressive lobby in Atlantis The Palm, a sweet but classy scent that instantly comforts and uplifts your spirits. I did wonder whether this candle would smell, as I find a lot of the time candles smell great in the pot, but when it comes to burning them it's a whole different story. However, I'm pleased to say that this candle does smell and leaves the room smelling absolutely amazing.

Overall, this candle is beautiful and will make a lovely addition to any space. If you're passing by your local HomeSense, I would really recommend you popping in to see if they have this or something similar. I regularly stop by to stock up on super pretty and unique candles, which are in most cases £10 or under... bargain! 
What is your current favourite candle?

Lots of Love

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