11 February 2018


Hey Beauties. It's Monday evening and despite being in a bit of a dull mood I can honestly say my skin is gleaming. I'm a total skincare addict and I couldn't wait any longer to tell you about my favourite sheet mask from Origins.

Origins is a skincare brand I truly love and a brand that has been a part for my skincare routine for well over five years. Touch wood nothing I have ever tried from them has made me react, despite using products across their whole range for a variety of different skin concerns. Anyone who knows me well will know all about my obsession with Violet! My nana was called Violet, but I also love the sweet scent, plus I'm a sucker for Palma Violet sweets, yum! 

Violet itself is really gentle on the skin and also a great ingredient for problematic skin types. Recently my skin has been a little up in the air and this mask has worked wonders to calm my combination skin. The sheet mask is made of 100% Bamboo and is fortified with flower wax, which is a byproduct of essential oil distillation with excellent emollient properties. Plus, the delicately sweet scent of Violet instantly helps to reassure you and put your mind as well as your skin at ease.

Overall, this mask is a total winner for me and one I would really recommend. I've already re-purchased it several times and know I can rely on it to fix my skin whilst taking me to a super happy place, it really does smell that good.

Lots of Love

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