31 March 2018

What You Need For The Ultimate Bath Routine 🛀🏻

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Hey Beauties! Anyone who knows me well will know I'm a bit of a 'Bath Queen' When it comes to bathing I go all out and pamper myself from head to toe. From flowers to crystals I do it all and find the whole process so relaxing and indulgent, which is often just what I need after a long week at work. I hope you enjoy this post, but if you're more of a shower person don't worry! I will be sharing my luxe shower routine soon. 

1 - bath rack
Purchasing a Bath Rack took my 'Pamper Routine' to a whole new level, as it meant I didn't have to lean across to my bath table all the time to pick up my goodies. Dunelm have a lovely range of Bath Racks from only £10. Plus, they're super instagramable!

2  - a luxury candle
Nothing sets the scene for pamper time like a gorgeous candle flickering away gently. My absolute favourite are the opulent Neom Intensive Skin Treatment Candles (£36). After 30 minutes of burning, they are ready to slather over your body as a highly moisturising treatment... pure bliss! However, you don't have to spend the world on a luxury candle as Homesense UK have some amazing candles for a fraction of the price. Another beautiful way to relax is with a Himalayan Tea Light Holder (£6), which will have you saying goodbye to those negative vibes in no time! 

 3 - bubble bath
If you're like me Bubble Bath is essential when it comes to my pamper routine. A few bubbles make the bath more comforting and the gentle popping of the bubbles is really relaxing too. My favourite bubble bath is the Neom Perfect Night Sleep Bath Foam (£22) I also love LUSH Bubble Bars, which can be used several times and are a lot more cost effective. I'm currently using the LUSH Purple Drain Bubbleroon (£4.75) which is gorgeous and gives the bath a relaxing purple hue. If you're looking to try something new, The Miss Patisserie Bath Slabs (£5) are a great way to have some fizzing foaming fun. 

4 - Bath salts
As much as I love to treat myself like a queen when it comes to my pamper routine with all the colour, fizz and bubbles, I also like to add detox salts to my bath that work hard to eradicate nasty toxins in your body. I'm currently loving the SenSpa Detox Salts (£5.95)

5 - bath bomb
When it comes to bath bombs I feel like LUSH lead the game in terms of choice, effectiveness and the quality of their ingredients. My favourite is their Intergalactic Bath Bomb (£4.50) which is so uplifting and make's the bath look like the Caribbean, a girl can wish right?! They have so much choice though and there really is something for everyone. I also really like Bomb Cosmetic Bath Bombs, which are cheaper at around (£2.99) and their selection is so pretty. 

and if you're feeling extra...
Why not treat yourself to some Bathing Flowers (£8) to create your very own picture of zen. You can also create your own Chakra Bath for the ultimate detoxifying experience.

Lots of Love 

1 March 2018

There's Snow Place Like Home...

Hello Beauties. I've taken a little break from the world of blogging as the past few weeks have been really tough for me in more ways than one. I honestly feel like #TheBeastFromTheEast was sent to give me the rest I needed and I'm so grateful. I'm currently surrounded by metre high drifts and lanes that are blocked hedge to hedge. It has been so nice to work from home surrounded by my family, whilst the log fire crackles away in the background. 

I know not everyone is a fan of the snow, but I absolutely love it. I find it so peaceful, majestic and calming. I had to leave work early Thursday due to personal commitments and the bad weather, but ended up getting stuck whilst trying to drive my car up the steep hill to my house. Snow and Mercedes are just a no! at the time the snow was still fairly light, so I'm glad I left work when I did. My trusty dad came down to rescue me and we both ended up getting back safely before the worst of the weather hit. 

Yesterday (Friday) was a work at home day for me. I personally enjoy working from home, as it allows me more time to think and to be extra creative, as that's a huge part of my job. The weather outside yesterday was really bad, but I was snuggled up by the fire as the wild winds whipped up the snow into beautiful drifts. I definitely ate too much food yesterday by the early evening I was ready for bed! 

Today (Saturday) Daniel and I decided to venture out on a 5 mile walk to our local village shop to stock up on a few necessities (wine not bread). I genuinely did vanish a few times in the 6 feet high drifts, but it was so beautiful to walk amongst the snowy lanes and enjoy the beautiful countryside. We also met some new people on our journey who were so kind! It really does restore faith in humanity when you meet complete strangers who are so eager to help and ensure you're safe and well. 

I really have loved the break this turbulent weather has given me, but I'm looking forward to Spring now and enjoying the lighter nights and a zillion BBQs - Anyone who knows me will know I'm BBQ crazy. Hope you're all doing well and keeping nice and safe in this weather.

Lots of Love

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