13 April 2018

Celebrating Your Micro-Wins

Hey Sweeties!
Hope you're all keeping well? I've had a super hectic week with the launch of our new website at work. It's taken up a huge amount of time and energy, but it's always rewarding when a big project comes together and is well received. It can take a long time to reach some goals, but what so many of us forget about is the micro-wins that come along the way to any achievement. Here are three reasons why celebrating your micro-wins are so important when it comes to boosting your positive mental attitude.

1 - they bridge the gap
As I mentioned above the majority of goals/achievements don't just happen overnight. In most cases they are built from many micro-wins, which lead to the end goal overtime. It's so important to celebrate and reward yourself each time you have a 'micro-win' as this helps to bridge the gap between you and your long term goal, which might not seem as far away if you take the time to acknowledge each of your mini successes.

2 - they build resilience
Resilience is key in achieving goals as it allows you to maintain the strength you need when things aren't going quite to plan. It's so easy to loose motivation and give up, but celebrating the small accomplishments helps you to build stamina and power to carry on.

3 - they improve overall happiness
It's easy to forget about small accomplishments or even to not acknowledge them at all. However, Micro-wins can create a sense of steady accomplishment, which is especially great for anyone who struggles with short attention spans (cough me) - Celebrating every small win helps to keep you motivated, whilst releasing positive endorphins.

Whether you're on the way to achieving a fitness goal, or you're striving to achieve high in your career always remember to celebrate your mini successes.

You got this. 

Lots of Love


  1. This is such a brill post India! I love your tips they are very motivational. This is definitely something I need to start doing more.

    Roxanne xx


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