19 May 2018

By Terry Baume De Rose Crystalline Review

I've wanted to try the By Terry Baume De Rose for the longest time! I'm a sufferer of chapped lips, which never seem to let up. The only balm that has truly helped my lips is the Nuxe Reve De Miel and I have to tell you it's totally amazing and worth trying if you also suffer with dry, chapped lips. I was expecting Baume De Rose to be a similar product but more luxurious. However, it has left me feeling a little unsure on whether it lives up to the hype or not.

The must-have Baume de rose is now housed in a more practical, glamorous and travel friendly tube, which is what sold it to me and made it's expensive £32.50 price tag seem a little more justifiable. I do love the packaging, it feels very luxurious and looks so pretty, plus the applicator is a dream! Infused with Shea Butter, Rose Flower Essential Wax and Vitamin E, this balm/gloss is perfect for softening and moisturising lips on the go. 

So what is my problem with it? First of all, I always knew it was going to be rose scented (hint in the name) but I wasn't expecting it to be so potent and more of an old fashioned rose scent, which makes me think along the lines of talc! I use so many rose products daily and none of them have that musky scent, but instead are light and fresh. I also don't find this as moisturising as the Nuxe version, which retails at £10 and makes me think seriously about whether or not the Baume De Rose is worth its hefty price tag.

Even though I'm not totally sold, it is a nice handbag essential and of course it does add moisture and a lovely rosy tint, but I think this is more suitable for topping up the hydration in your lips opposed to using it as an actual treatment to tackle chapped lips. I will definitely get use out of this lip balm/gloss hybrid and I'm sure it will feature in many social media posts, it looks so good on camera! I just can't wholeheartedly recommend something which is so expensive, but not as effective as much cheaper options. 
Have you tried this lip balm before lovelies?

Lots of Love

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