17 June 2018


Hello Beauties!
I haven't been on the blog in a little while and it's a mixture of being super busy at work and working on a new venture, which I really want to make work as it's such a feel good project. Daniel also had a knee operation recently, so I've been on hand to help him get around and making sure he's okay. Today, I wanted to talk about a new find from home bargains, which is a dupe for one of my most favourite products. Anyone that knows me or has read my blog for a while will know that Neom Organics are one of my favourite wellbeing brands. their products are incredible and the quality is about as high as you can get, but of course that means they can be a little pricey. Despite being worth it in my opinion, I have found a dupe that is a lot cheaper and a great way to add a little relaxation to your day without breaking the bank. 

I buy Westlab Salts a lot for the bath, but I didn't realise they did scrubs and a few other products too. during my recent trip to Home Bargains i stumbled across their Himalayan Salt Scrub with Lemongrass and Mint. I love anything to do with Himalayan Salt and one of my favourite things I own is my salt lamp, which makes my bedroom feel so calm and welcoming. I wasn't expecting to be as wowed by this scrub as I am, it has similarities to the Neom Great Day Scrub as it has a super uplifting scent and feels deeply moisturising from the second it touches your skin. The Neom scrub is sugar based, which is more gentle than the Westlab salt version. However, as long as your skin isn't too sensitive this scrub will make the perfect companion in the shower or as a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating bath soak. 

Overall, I think the Neom Great Day Scrub will take a lot of beating, but I'm glad I've found such an amazing dupe, which can be found for under £5 in Home Bargains compared to the Neom version which is £34. I would love to know if you've tried this product or have another favourite you would recommend?

Lots of Love 

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