27 October 2018

Tips To Fight Off The Flu This Autumn

With autumn well underway, the leaves are dancing from the tree tops to the ground, the colder weather is making us all grab for our cosiest scarves before stepping out in the morning, but what do you do when the dreaded flu strikes?

Despite being No medical expert, I do have a pretty rubbish immune system and over the years I have had to find ways to help me get through the nastiest of viruses that have left me laid up in bed for up to two weeks. 

1 - Hydrate 
Let's start off with the most obvious tips before getting into a few of my own little health hacks! It's so important to keep yourself hydrated when you're sick. Water is the most important, but personally I also find that diet lemonade really picks me up when I'm feeling the full effects of the flu. Sometimes a viral infection can hit you so hard that it feels like you can't even keep water down without feeling nauseous. Try small sips or sucking small ice cubes, or Popsicles until you are able to fully start taking in fluids again. Every little bit of hydration helps to get you back on track after getting sick!

2 - The Old Methods Are Best 
If you're suffering with a sore throat and swollen glands making yourself a good old fashioned Honey and Lemon hot drink will do you the world of good. 

3 - Prop Up Your Pillows Before Bed
There is nothing worse than trying to sleep with a fever! Everything from hallucinations to irritating coughing fits can all have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep, making it harder for you to make a speedy recovery. Propping up your pillows will allow your airways to stay clearer and will help to ease any build up in your throat, which will hopefully lead to a few extra Zzz's!

4 - Ease Pesky Cold Sores
If you suffer, then you will know the pain and discomfort these horrible little/big things cause. A great way to soothe them is by placing a full fat milk compress against the sore itself, which will instantly soothe discomfort. Whole milk contains a protein called lactoferrin, which helps to fight against the dreaded herpes simplex virus. Whole milk also includes conjugated linoleic acid that has antiviral properties. Reduced-fat milk is nowhere near as effective, so make sure you pick up the blue lid up if you want to keep your sores from emerging any further!

5 - Best Buys From The Pharmacy
With so much on offer it does make you think what is actually going to work? Always speak to your pharmasist or doctor before taking medical advice online, but from experience the Neurofen Cold and Flu tablets are the most effective out of the other alternatives I have tried (I'm allergic to Paracetamol) and also the Covonia Herbal Linctus is really effective when you have a sore throat or chesty cough associated with a virus! 

I hope this has been useful, but please remember these tips are things that have helped me over the years, but regarding medical advice always make sure you speak with a medical professional. 


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